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Speaking in public is said to be the greatest fear of mankind. Some people say, “I would rather die than to speak in public.” This may explain why death places a distant second to public speaking on “American’s Top 10 Phobia List.”

After attending our one day workshop, you will be able to confidently stand and speak before others. This seven module workshop will provide you the tools you need to Speak Like A Pro (SLAP) in a day.

Each module builds upon the previous module to provide you with the skills to combat your fear of public speaking. Upon completion of the seven module SLAP workshop you will earn your distinguished SLAP certificate.

This is only the beginning! You will access doors of opportunity once only dreamed of. A new journey will commence that is guaranteed to change your life. Get ready for change! For more info contact us at 1(404)954-1275 or go to the  contact page by clicking the link below.


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